Mulan & Lady White Snake


– available for delivery in the UK only
– 2 stories in 1 DVD
– Dialogue: English & Mandarin
– Subtitle: English, Simp. & Trad. Chinese, Pinyin
– Running Time: 25 Minutes

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Product Description

Bilingual DVD Chinese/English
The Ballad of Mulan and Lady White Snake Mulan disguises herself as a man and joins the army to take her father’s place. For ten years she shows remarkable skill as a warrior and later becomes a famous general. Her true identity remains hidden from her comrades until the very end. Today, Mulan continues to be an inspiration to girls and women. She embodies the belief that women are capable of accomplishing the same feats as men.

What fate awaits a thousand-year-old white snake that travels from its sacred mountain to the human world, only to fall in love with a mortal? Such is the unusual beginning of this tragic love story, one of the most popular in all of Chinese opera. Lady White’s selfless devotion to her earthly husband is considered by the temple priest an abomination. In a spectacular struggle to stay with her husband, our heroine prevails in the end. However, time is sadly not on her side.