The Making of Monkey King


– available for delivery in the UK only
– 2 Stories in 1 DVD
– Dialogue: English & Mandarin
– Subtitle: English, Simp. & Trad. Chinese, Pinyin
– Running Time: 37 Minutes

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Product Description

The Making of Monkey King

Magically born from a rock, our new-found hero is crowned Monkey King by his fellow monkeys after finding a sanctuary for them. Anxious to make the enjoyment of his life and his rule last forever, he sets off on a journey to find the secret of immortality. The humor and action of this first book in the Adventures of Monkey King series will surely delight readers of all ages.

Monkey King Wreaks Havoc in Heaven

In the second book in the Adventures of Monkey King series, our enduring hero is determined to prove his prowess to all of the celestial warriors and ministers. Epic battles are fought, and eventually all the lords and ladies of Heaven run for cover as Monkey King runs amok. The supreme Buddha is the only one capable of reigning in the rampaging simian—and he does it with the strangest of wagers.